Trying my hand at Light Art

I’ve been playing around with some acrylics and decided to give light art a go. I have made this piece just to see how well it turns out. I’m working on something similar with a schematic of an X-Wing for a friend.

I also, for the chuckles and grins cut this out of some florescent, had a time finding the file to make it but I found as a freebee on a teachers web site. I needed 2 of these for the work bench and office but it is accurate and to dimension


If you set the snap strong in Inkscape you can nearly sketch the design and have it be dead-on accurate. I made scales in wood and clear plastic, but the fluorescent plastic is a better choice. :grin:


Love the ruler in fluorescent!

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I really like the ruler and may just have to do something similar with some of my florescent acrylic! Nicely done

Thanks for that tip…I’ll keep that in mind moving forward but under these circumstances I figured just look for a public domain graphic and go. I was also able to capture some other things like a protractor and regular ruler from the web site
They have a variety of files there.


nicely done

I like the ruler. I’m thinking of getting some 1/4” acrylic and making a 12” by 18” square. We’ll see how it goes.

What is this snap strong you speak of?

I used 1/8" acrylic on mine, it’s more of a hobby tool, didn’t see the need to go 1/4". It’s sturdy enough to let me make those marks on material I want to cut down prior to lasing it.

I looked into the Inkscape about doing my own drawing for the ruler but the smallest grid in inches will only go down to 1/4". It’s nice having that 1/16th mark there at times.

These are my default settings…

If you set a grid to your distance, and always snap to grid. it will only snap to the closest grid

It will do the 1/16" grid but you have to set the resolution there. I believe that is on the first page of the document properties, getting the resolution of the width of the laser score tight enough is the limit,

See also…

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Florescent square is great.