Trying to copy moms recipe but how do I just get the text on lined paper

I have my Moms recipe in her hand writing and am trying to put on cutting board but get all the lines from paper.

Please help!

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This was done by @marmak3261 for a cutting board, and he describes the process of getting the recipe in shape here:

Quick black-and-white cleanup with Photoshop

He also describes how to do it in the free Gimp program.


You mean the ruled lines on the sheet of paper itself? Those are going to be a little more difficult to remove. You might need to play around with erasing them.

Do you have a copy of the recipe in jpeg format? If you can upload it here (just drag and drop it into it’s own line on a new post) I can take a look at it in Photoshop to see how difficult it would be.

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If the lines are blue you can select by color in Photoshop (select menu drop down) pick the color with the eye dropper, then once selected you can mask the blue or delete it or select inverse and copy paste the text onto a new layer, then hide the original layer.


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