Trying to do a trace of an image. Having trouble. Tips and suggestions needed please

Trying to do a trace of an image. When it first shows it, it is the correct image. After it tells me to draw the square around the image I want to cut out and I do, it changes the image and cuts out a section that should still be black. The image I am trying to do is similar to the ying yang symbol. Is there a way to insure it stays black?

It’s possible to adjust the “pickup” on the trace by clicking the Up and Down arrow keys on the keyboard during the trace operation. (Which can be used to get rid of that white patch in the middle…it’s caused by camera light reflections on large areas of solid black during the capture.)

Tips for using the Trace function are located here:

You can also try covering the little lights on the sides of the camera temporarily with a bit of tape, moving the paper out from directly underneath the camera on the bed, or lowering the ambient light in the room.

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Thank you so much! I needed to do the ctl + shift + arrow key to fill in the missing dark spot. Worked great. :wink:


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