Trying to engrave 3.5 inch wood ornaments bought on Amazon

Totally new at this. I used the settings for maple plywood and changed the thickness to what the digital caliper reads. Dragged my image onto the ornament, waited for it to process, hit the button and watched the laser going back and forth… doing nothing. Absolutely NO affect at all. Tried different pieces, changed the thickness accordingly and still nothing. Any advice on what I am doing wrong?

Welcome @greenhaven4all to the forum Did you check that your power didn’t get changed to 1 automatically when you did your own material height?

And you don’t need to enter material thickness if you are using the Set Focus function found behind the gear in the tool ribbon up top.

Post a screen pic of the user interface including settings.


Can you share a screenshot of the material on the Glowforge bed along with the settings on the Glowforge interface?


When my GF does that it’s always because I’ve accidentally stacked two copies of the same design element/shape on top of each other (which apparently makes them cancel each other out!). Is it possible you’ve got a duplicate object in your artwork?


Thanks to everyone that answered! it was the Power setting.


Glad you figured it out. You’re in good company becasue I don’t think there’s a single person here who hasn’t done the same. :slight_smile: