Trying to Etch on Sterling Silver Pendant

Hello everyone, this is my first community post!
I got my Glowforge up and running about a month ago and I’ve printed a few things so far. I know I cannot engrave on sterling silver but I have read that it can be etched on. I bought Brilliance marking spray and have tried a couple times now. Each time the marking rubbed right off when I removed the marking spray. Does anyone have a suggestion on what settings I should use?
I’ve tried these settings after doing a little research from other users:
-Full Power, 300 Speed and 225 LPI
-Precision Power 100, 1000 speed and 450 LPI

The text I need to etch is hand written and very small. It gets muddy since the pendant is about 1" wide so I need it to be a setting that will get the text to look very clean.

Not all sprays work with all metals. I’ve never used brilliance, and maybe you’ve already done this but my first step would be to check to ensure that it will work at all on sterling.


Thank you for the tip! I didn’t check before I bought the spray but I think you’re right, I don’t think it would mark on it. I’m going to look into other marking sprays, I think Cermark might but I’ll have to look into it

I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of any marking spray that will work on silver. So yes…just check on all of them. I’ve used only LaserBond on my stuff.

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I have Cermark and haven’t been able to use it on Silver. I would love to be able to mark silver but haven’t found/heard of anything that will do it in the GF. Let us know if you find something!

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Crazy idea… what if you mask the silver , then cut or engrave the mask away… then tarnish the exposed metal?

I might use a spray sealer as the mask.

Beyond that, check out #11:

Especially look at the last link, @vegandarwin did something really great.


Okie thank you guys for letting me know about the Cermark. I did buy some so I’m still going to test it out and if I get positive results I’ll post them. If not I’ll keep looking!
Tarnishing it is a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately I don’t think it could achieve the look I’m going for, I’m worried the hand writing wouldn’t come out very good. It’s very small and I’m afraid it would be blurry.
The last article on your post had some interesting ideas though, I’m going to look into some of those!

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