Trying to Find Dot Pattern Software



I can’t find the posts with software tools that converted images into “sophisticated” dot patterns. I’m not talking about just dithering. The article had sample of Bill Murray’s face. I looked in Tips & Tricks and in my bookmarks and can’t find it. :pensive: Thanks


was it like pointillism or half tone?




May depend on the software used for the design. Examine your help files for Stippling.

In Corel you have the Pen And Ink stippling.
Found at Bitmap//Art Strokes//Pen&Ink with sliders to control size, density, etc.

I have played around with this function and like almost all of the various manipulation tools, what you start with will determine results and how far you can go with it.


i really like stipplegen. it takes some time to let it render, but i have gotten some good results.


Those are the ones…Rasterbator and Stipplegen. Thanks @Dia @shop and all!!

This post is the one that I was referencing. I think that it might be worth having linked from the Tips section @Jules if it isn’t already.


Not a bad idea - it might be in there already in the Tips matrix, but who can know where everything is now? My memory is good but it’s getting a bit overloaded these days. :smile:


You mean you aren’t just hardwired and the matrix isn’t just us picking your brain?


I’ve used these a few times. There are multiple options other than just dots.


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Twiki the robot!


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I’m sure someone could GF up a nice Dr. Theopolis prop.