Trying to Get into the Groove... Advice Needed

Hey talented folks and fellow GF users.
Looking for some insight from those who have more experience.

I make custom wine drink toppers,
you know… something to keep the bugs out.

Trying to figure out a way to make a “groove” on the back of the item to help hold it on the top of the glass.

Any suggestions or ideas?
Right now I’m just making these out of wood, but may try acrylic in the future.



You can engrave a groove, but engraving is slow. Or you could cut out a ring the right size and glue it on to make a lip. That is, if I’m even envisioning what you are doing correctly. A photograph might help!


Thanks for the reply.
So, I’m making a line of wine toppers.
Calling them Tagalong Toppers. :slight_smile:

They come with a clip so you can pin them to your purse, backpack, whatever.

The example photos are before masking tape removed. But you get the idea.
I’m trying to make a slight groove so they don’t easily slip off the top of the glass.

I was trying to avoid the extra step of attaching a ring… hmmm.
But now I’m not sure if I have a choice.


Very cool idea. I think a rim might be the quickest choice and if it also encompassed the hole for the clip, you’d have the added benefit of making it stronger. I think that area will be a weak point if the lid gets knocked around a lot so you might be killing two birds with one stone.


I’m a little confused, as glasses come in all sizes. At first I thought these were for a party where you know the glass size in advance.

The only practical solution to accomodate all sizes is an outer rim if it’s meant to be used on glasses of all sizes. A complete ring is going to waste a lot of material (unless you come up with another trinket to make from the inner discs.)

Curious where you live where bug-in-drink is such a problem. :open_mouth:


Just drink faster!

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I do recall a story of sweat flies filling wine glasses from somewhere, don’t remember the particulars.

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It would likely have to be an inner ring, just to keep it from slipping too far side to side.

And little flies ALWAYS find my wine… no matter how fast I drink. lol


I used to have 4 fruit trees in my back yard and fruit flies were always a problem when the fruit started to ripen. We also have a lot of wasps around that also enjoy a drink as much as we do so we have to guard our uncovered drinks outside.



You could cut out rectangles and slot other rectangles in that would slot into whatever cup it was on. Might save some time and materials.

Rough sketch:


Interesting idea… thanks for sharing… and for the visuals. :smiley:

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Make them fit inside the Glass , kind of like as you push them inside they catch.
that way they will also fit more size glasses.

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Interesting Idea… couple downsides…

  1. Getting it in and out of the glass easy while drinking. I’d have to attach a handle to the top.

  2. I don’t think most folks would want it “in” their glass.

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i pictured a little tag with a string. like a tea

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