Trying to make a rubber stamp

I used the orange laser rubber available at

Here are the settings I used:
Engrave: 300 Speed/72 Power/270 LPI (3 passes)
Cut: 100 Speed/185 Power

I think others have dialed in slightly different settings. A quick search on lasering stamps might offer some additional suggestions.


Where can I buy this material??

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I got it here:


Rubber stamps with solid areas need to be “primed”. Ink up and stamp several times and you will see that each time, the image stamps better.


These settings were perfect for me - thanks so much!

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I see your engraving settings, but it looks like you cut it too. What settings did you use to cut?

I am not familiar with the material you used. Can you fill me in? I want to make a large stamp and that would be perfect.

I posted a link to it above, It’s the “art stamp laser polymer” in the descriptions And product selection and the “laser photopolymer clear” in the product thumbnail (lower right)

I don’t really have any more information than what is available there. It’s a clear, slightly tacky, slightly squishy material that engraves well, holds ink, and can be stuck to acrylic. Don’t cut through the cover sheet or the backing. Large stamps get tricky with inking and applying even pressure.



Using this same material I made a stamp that works really well. It has worked for years at this point-in daily use.


Couple of questions: Do you set a specific focus height, or do you use auto focus?

Also, how do you get 185 power? I only see 100 or “Full”.



I used to measure the thickness of the material with calipers. However, now I just use the auto focus feature.

I think 185 power is from before Glowforge changed their power scale to 1000. I think maybe @cynd11 or another long time user may be able help with a conversion.

I now use stamping products from JMP Rubber Stamp Materials, polymer stamps usually. I went down the rabbit hole of stamping and purchased a Misty and it changed my stamping for the better. :slight_smile:

The settings I used in the past would not work today for cutting. Now I just use a pair of scissors. :slight_smile:

I’m inclined to think that when you said 100 speed, 185 power you got the numbers reversed. As far as I know 185 power has never been a possibility. So I’m thinking you used 100 power, 185 speed.

I’ve never that rubber material so I have no more info on that.

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Ha! You’re correct (of course). Thanks for the help and the correction!

I’m afraid it’s been a bit too long since I fired up my Glowforge. :roll_eyes:

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Do you have a tutorial of how to make the file . Like what part it’s engrave and what have to be cut