Trying to make a rubber stamp

In order for my settings to make sense, here’s my Material:

I see some people recommending another material; but the shipping of $13+ for a single sheet was just more than I could do when Amazon delivers it in 2 days for no more than the purchase price.

I borrowed settings from

Cutting took two passes at 185/full - and even then it wanted a gentle pull to separate the cut piece from the original bit.

I took this tutorial for a spin; but I can’t seem to get rid of the edge cutting deeper than the gradient…

I engraved at 220/70 and 270 lpi - varying power.

I might have liked it to go a bit deeper; it took .03 off at the darkest…

It took 45 minutes (4" by 1.2") and left a furry oily residue that I tried to avoid handling due to other recommendations. Scrubbed with soap and water at which point I got my hands involved in the cleaning and they aren’t too stinky now.

Now I need to find an ink pad and see how it stamps before delivering it.
Wondering if I ought to do a curved stamp for something 4 inches wide, or whether it will be fine on a flat block.


I ended up using this stuff. No fuzz. I made a flat block which has held up in daily use since that post


Thank you for reminding me of that… I suppose it looks likely that stamp is not smaller than 4".
That makes me feel better about a flat mounting.
Thank you.

i just did my first stamps tonight, too. with the johnson plastics “low-odor” stuff. i’m scared to even think what something that isn’t “low-odor” smells like. that stuff is vile. it’s pretty much pushed me over the edge to buy the external exhaust fan.

after i scrubbed it with some dish soap, it’s still stinks (just not as bad). i dropped it in my bag of salt from puzzle making for the night hoping it will stink less in the morning.

you said you wished it was deeper. did you do one pass or two passes? i did two passes at 340/70/225.


I did only one pass.
Maybe I’ll try another stamp at two passes.

Amazingly, the orange stuff I tried wasn’t that horrific smelling.
Less odorous than leather, certainly. I didn’t even think it was as smelly as pungent acrylics.

well i’ve definitely added your link to my amazon glowforge list then. cuz that gray stuff from johnsons is foul.

It fills an index card

The clear laser stamp art polymer one that they sell has worked really well for me, I found it to be a lot cleaner in the machine and far less stinky than the orange amazon rubber or the grey low-oder stuff.

Bonus is that it sticks to acrylic, and a clear acrylic base makes positioning the stamp really easy. @cynd11 wrote some good tutorials for working with it.


Thanks @jbv. I’ve been sitting on a few polymer sheets for about 6 months. I this post with the link to @cynd11’s tutorial is the motivation I need to take it out of its packaging. I’ve been struggling a bit with the orange stuff. I can’t seem to easily get the ink dense enough.

I made coasters for a friend’s child’s bar mitzvah. The young man loves everything about NASA (especially the 1960’s - 1970’s).


To get a really good dense black, the ink is important. The best I’ve found is Versafine Onyx Black Inkpad, which you can probably find at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. And tap the pad multiple times over the stamp to make sure you get good coverage.


Thank you!! I really appreciate the tip! I’ve probably used the GF more for stamp making than almost anything else.

Wait?! @jbv, do you make your own washi tape?

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Nah, those are just clear printable Avery labels


Ha! Smart! I ran across this the other day and thought you might have one. :upside_down_face:


Ooh, that’s interesting! I’m going to have to talk with a few clients and see if they would buy custom packing tape…

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If you get one, can you make some Narwhal tape?


Must…resist… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




My final stamps on a scrap piece of cardboard.


What material is the NASA stamp