Trying to make this on the Glowforge LOL

you are so clever!!! LOL it was upside down. LOL well a first and now I know I better pay better attention and have my coffee in the morning. Thank you !!!


OK all good now, running it again! does anyone know if you can buy one of those lens tools? The glue did not work that great. thank you all for your help :slight_smile: you have been so awesome


I bought a spare on the website when I ordered some cherry proofgrade. So it is there. :slight_smile: glad you are up and running!


So… is everything working? Afraid to ask! :wink:

yes LOL everyone on this thread helped! you with the focus and the others with check to see if I put the lens in backwards LOL And I certainly did put it backwards! Cutting away again. next time I need to really check how I put it back in. Or drink more coffee LOL


Thank you, when I go to shop, I forget they have that drop down menu. They don’t have a square to click on for spare parts. hahaha
All is good now :slight_smile:

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That little magnetic ring on the lens removal tool is really delicate. I’ve had two of those and both are broken. And I’ve tried to be really careful. So personally I’d just try to glue the thing together, it should still work okay.