Trying to make this on the Glowforge LOL

Ok so I don’t know what is going on, first run 1/8th did not even cut through, so got another Proof grade board and tried again, so now I have this. Before I even used the machine today I cleaned everything, camera, lens, laser glass and on. Should I just line the cuts up with the engrave? I just don’t know why it’s doing this now.
On the first board the proof grade was not dirty or warped, I just got it yesterday, was totally flat. Funny thing was I had cut a small square of 1/4th proof grade acrylic just fine.

Are you talking about the lack of alignment with the camera and the cut? It’s really off, but if you run the next step it should be equally off as long as you haven’t moved anything (or opened the lid, ideally).

After you’re done, you might want to run the camera calibration and/or check in with support. The cameras are often off, but shouldn’t be more than 1/4” or so, especially after calibration.

Also, just to clarify, it doesn’t matter how new your wood is. Wood warps. It might look flat, but if you put it on a flat surface (i.e. the GF bed) and tap on it, it should sound consistent all the way across.

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Was it doing this before you cleaned it? I wonder if you knocked your camera out of whack somehow.

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Thanks Christy,
I have no idea on how to Calibrate the camera. I did open the lid, turned off the machine and just moved the cuts around the engrave. I’m going to hit cut now. LOL
I did tap on the proof grade and it was consistent. It’s almost like something is up with the tape on the back.
I’m going for it, will see how it goes. Is there somewhere I can find how to Calibrate the camera?

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It cut the 1/4th Acrylic where I wanted it. I only wiped the lens with the lens wipe. I try to stay away from it when I’m cleaning around the glass part.

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The picture shows what appears to be Medium Draftboard(which is about 1/8in). Do you have the camera focus on Thick Draftboard(1/4in) by accident. That could be what is causing the cuts to be off so much from the layout on the GUIF. Just a thought.

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Definitely double check the settings, but camera calibration info is here:

If it was working before and now it’s not, something obviously changed. If the settings were wrong, I would not expect an equal shift to the right. Take a little look at your camera. It’s not loose at all, is it? It shouldn’t move.


Camera is not loose, just checked it, but it didn’t cut through again. I’ll try a second pass, and then try the calibration link you gave me. I checked the settings and it’s for the 1/8th proof grade draft board so that is right.

My typo, I meant 1/8th draft board didn’t cut. But it cut the 1/4th acrylic prior like butter. I checked the settings again and it did not cut through. the draft board is not warped.

Is it possible your tray/bed was moved out of the recesses in the bottom of the machine?

Sudden changes in alignment (placement on material) are usually related to the height of the material, although with the auto focus, that has become less common.

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no it’s locked in the grooves. checked it :-), going to do the camera calibration now. fingers crossed

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ok so I got the camera fixed. thank you Christy, but still can’t cut through. it’s not warped. I’ve blown through 4 boards now. Any more suggestions :slight_smile: still trying on 1/8 proof grade medium draft board using their settings. it does look a bit more burned then normal. I have not had any problems till now. Figures when I have 52 orders to complete. ugh IMG_5272|375x500

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Lens re installed in the correct direction?

I’ll double check

The simple solution here is to slow down the laser during the cut process. It may not be ideal to not use the default settings for this material, but at least you can get your jobs processed.

Just take a simple object - a circle for example. Put it in a corner or on a scrap, and set the power as default but speed a little slower. My Pro uses 183/Full, so I would go to 170 speed. If that’s not enough to cut thru, try 160. Obviously keep an eye on it while cutting.

The project looks defocused / charred from the photo

Could be, depending on scale.

I’m really starting to wonder about this, assuming the acrylic cut mentioned was before this “cleaning”…

OMG! now I have to glue the metal ring to my lens tool. it just fell off and broke in three pieces LOL soon as the glue dries I will check the lens. I should just stop today LOL

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