Trying to score pattern when using the 'pattern to object' in Inkscape

Hi! I am using the Pattern to Object option in Inkscape and I would like to score my pattern but that option is not available. Only allows me to engrave.

Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so, how were you able to fix it?

Thanks in advance!!


Patterns in inkscape are raster, you need to covert it to vector somehow. Tracing light work but how well that will work will depend a lot on the specific pattern.

Can you show us what it looks like?


If you have an Apple product you can use Vector This to convert the raster to vector


So I tried uploading something similar to what Iā€™m working on but the pattern will not even show up on here. I have an svg image of a flower that I want to place inside of a circle. I used the trace bitmap option on the flower and then used the set clip option to place it inside the circle but when I try to upload the finished image on here or for my glowforge, nothing happens. Only the circle uploads. This is the error I get on my glowforge.

The interface does not recognize clip paths. There have been many discussions of this matter. Here is one that may help you. How to crop an SVG (clip paths issue)? - #3 by jbmanning5