Tube Replacement

Just wondering if you had a tube replacement either under warranty or not, do you get your same machine back or is it a refurb??

I got mine replaced – and got the same machine back – but GF has since changed the way they do repairs. I think you’re going to have to ask how they’re doing it now.


I was just wondering. So far, so good with my machine. I got it in December 2020!

Oh awesome.

The support process as a whole is a bit painful, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I cant help but notice you haven’t posted anything to made on a Glowforge… you’re holding out on us! :slight_smile:


To be honest, I use the machine to cut out parts and have only made a few simple projects it. I have been making some star wars coasters for my cousin and have been having problems with uploading my file in the GF app. I have been working with them on trying to figure out why it won’t upload. They took a look at my file and said I have too many nodes in it. There is alot of detail in the file and I have been working on how to reduce the file and keep as much detail as I can.
I am using inkscape. I have been playing with this for over a week and I think I finally have it.
I don’t know If I can post the project or not! Once I have finished it, I may just try posting it.


Definitely post!! We all love to see what everyone is creating!


And if you show us what your doing and where the problems are, some of the Inkscape gurus on here may be able to give advice.

I wish there was more upfront info about this, especially because they did say a long time ago that they would sell replacement tubes. I like my machine, it has run reliably for a long time, and I would like to keep it and just get a new tube.

I have my original early crowdfunding machine (received fall 2017) and as of yesterday it needs a new tube. I am sure that a lot of us who have had the machine for well over 2 years are or will soon be in a similar position. This should be an easy thing to do since it is known and expected to occur at some point in the life of the machine.

Anyone actually gotten a tube sent to them? What is the timeline of sending it in to GF and getting it back? Losing money every day it isn’t running :confused:

I’d expect it to be out for a month or more if you send it back in to get the tube replaced. (I also plan to have them replace the tube in my original machine when it goes out, and expect it to take at least that long.)

But it would be a harder decision if you count on it for business. You might want to consider purchasing a second machine in that case. (Cost of doing business, and it can be written off.)

I actually have a second machine (a larger Thunder laser) on the way next month. But that doesn’t solve my right now problem, and I’m sure others have or will have the same issue when they need their tube replaced.

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That’s probably a pretty good plan. Best case scenario I would look at 1 week for shipping in, 1 week for repair, 1 week for return shipping on average.

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