Tuck Box (for Playing Cards) Generator

I’ve seen a bunch of boxes created for playing cards, but have not seen my favorite generator site for very simple tuck boxes that I use inside board games that don’t need a lot of flourish.

The PDF file it creates needs some editing on Inkscape/etc. I change the dashed lines for creases to solid, and set these as a different color. I also need to extend the dashed line to the full distance in 2 locations. Then combine the cut vectors and crease vectors. Finally, remove the rectangle that shows where to apply glue and the included text.

I have been using manilla folders for this purpose for years. I can cut and create the creases on the GF, but have not found a suitable score – the manilla folder simply disintegrates; it does not seem to burn.

Cut: speed 300; power 40
Crease: speed 500; power 20


Great info, thanks! I’m moving this to Beyond the Manual so the non-PG settings can stay; I’m sure lots of people will benefit from them. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the site info.

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Generators are always appreciated.

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