Turkeys and Sniches

With fall upon us I thought I would share two quick projects from last year. A friend was throwing a Harry Potter themed party, so I drew up Snich Wings and cut them out of paper. I then stuck them to Ferrero Rocher chocolates and the effect was considerably better than I had hoped, especially after bending the ‘feathers’ slightly around a pen give them body so they stuck out just as they should. Every time a breeze when by the wings fluttered, making for an awesome affect.

I had several chocolates left after the party, so cut some quick turkey heads out of scrap draftboard and hot glued them on the top, folding the wrapper to look like tail feathers. A quick, simple project for a little added fun over the holiday.

I hope you enjoy!

Turkey%20Heads%20for%20Chocolates Snitch%20Wings%20stg%202%20Thick%20Feathers


The snitches look great on the chocolate. Clever idea.


Cute! I love the Snitches!


These are great! Love the little turkey! Thank you!