Turn of the century architecturural ornaments

Inspiration source?



That is amazing - reminds me of Dover Publications etc.,- but my favourite link on that page has to be the sheer ‘dottinesss’ of the Victorian Seaweed Pictures !

Need to work out how to convert pictures to 3d maps !

Great find. Lot of inspiration there.

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Very nice, thanks!

Inkscape and Blender? Inkscape will get you a 2d and Blender can make it 3d by any of several methods and from that produce a height map.

Something about these old time picture methods (film) that seems to help.
Just greyscale and invert.
Isolated one of the elements earlier and it worked great.
May use it on the upper trim corners of my kitchen entry door.

edit: This one had a lot of tiny elements. Surprised me how much detail came through. I will be going back to those PDF I think.


Looking closely you can see where the shading messed up the design but first glance and feet away few folks would notice

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For cars we would call it a 50/50 paint job, looks good at 50 mph or 50 feet away :sunglasses:

But still quite well for a first try on the catalog!


This is fantastic! What a great find. :grinning: