Turn on the discourse flag so link go to new tabs please?

I would like it clicking a link in a topic opened a new tab, rather than replaced the the current topic on the tab.

Often the links - like videos or files or websites are in the first post, so you click on it, and then lose any follow up comments.

Most of the forums I use work in this way, links to external pages open in new tabs.

I’m sure discourse has a setting for this.


You mean like this:


done - thanks :slight_smile:

No problem! I just found that setting myself this week.

you can also just hit the back button to go back to the original topic… or right click a link and tell it to open in a new tab… I didn’t know that option existed in discourse, but there were other options. :slight_smile:

Although it’s a built-in Discourse function, you can also open any link from any web page in a new tab by using a keyboard modifier. On Mac, ⌘-click opens in a new tab (and ⇧-click in a new window In Chrome and Firefox.)

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Indeed, and to show you can’t please everyone, I would be pretty miffed if that were forced on for everyone. I should get to choose whether to open a new tab, not the web site I’m on.


Having worked on the sales (i.e. customer-facing) side of software for over 20 years, one thing that irritates me the most is when software designers decide how users want things to work. If it’s possible to provide a choice, then provide it.


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