Tutorial/First-Look: Beta Passthrough

I’ve got to play around with the beta passthrough and it’s great. No more jig hassles. I wish this had come out a few years earlier. Better late than never, I guess.

I used it once and had no problem. The second time, things were off, but not much. At the time I thought it was the material I was using…but was unsure. A third round worked great again. Upon looking at the video, my material got knocked when re-aligning (wood must have been bowed). That the GF ended up doing such a good job with an angled piece of wood is worth mentioning.


It would probably be helpful if you posted this in the beta discussion thread - that way, the developers will see it (nobody at GF monitors the regular discussion forum) - they are still looking for feedback, both positive and negative.

My personal experience has been near-flawless, except for a very specific issue regarding continuation of engraves across “steps” in a job - it has been documented and discussed privately with dev.

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Are talking about linking to it or moving it? If moving it, I’d rather it stay here since it is meant for regular Glowforge owners. Plus, I don’t feel like I’m adding any new information.

Thanks for mentioning the engraves issue. I’ll keep that in mind as I go forward.

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Any feedback is valuable to the dev team. Re-posting the comments in that thread is probably best. No issue leaving this thread here for the regular owners to view as well.

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