Tutorial Video for Cutting Front and Back Graphics into Anodized Aluminum Tags

I made my first Glowforge Tutorial Video. This video shows how I do front and back alignment on Anodized Aluminum dog tags. My GF does not have very good camera to material alignment no matter what I do with measuring material heights etc, unless I am directly under the camera, so I had to improvise using this technique.

I would like to make some more tutorial videos since I have learned many techniques over the last several months and look forward to sharing. Please let me know if there is something you need explained in this video or if I can make another video to show any other techniques.

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Video link-> Glowforge Front and Back Alignment Tutorial Video

Image of finished Firefighter Accountability Tags:

These are my actual Firefighter Accountability Tags, I volunteer at my local fire department. I made new tags for all of our Firefighters and donated them to the department. The plastic ones we had before would melt…


Very nice jig demo. Added to the Matrix. :slightly_smiling_face:


You should keep away from fire !


Sorry, i know you were joking, but I couldn’t resist this .

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