Tutorial Videos



I’m wondering if the team at Glowforge will be putting together some tutorial videos to further aide the user friendly experience of the machine. I can’t wait to get mine in Aug. and would love to have some high quality videos to help me get the most from my GF.


They are putting those together now, and as a matter of fact, a couple of them (The “Hello Glowforge” series) have been released.

The links can be found in the May Announcement and on YouTube.


And there are more coming!


Welcome @kmatarai to the forum. There are many, many topics to explore here. So many topics in detail all about how to use the Glowforge and lasers and design in general. How to videos are beginning to pop and and more are on the way. I have a YouTube channel that has several posts about using the Glowforge and demonstrating the process from design to finished print, but the Hello Glowforge videos are a great place to start.


I want Glowforge-wear!


Yes please. (Although I do sleep in my Squee shirt.) :relaxed:


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