Tweeking HD setting on PG walnut Veneer

I don’t know if this is a problem. I was using proofgrade veneer on a detailed object and just can’t get the detail. This is HD with masking Should I lower speed or increase power? I also tried chipboard 1000/10. Same issue


What LPI are you using? Higher is better in most cases (up to a point with wood because of the grain…) And with masking you probably need to bump the power by at least 5, maybe 10.

I remove masking for engraves – you lose a lot of detail to it if you leave it on.


340 plus

And for your raster, are you using VARY Power? or convert to dots?
Suggest - Add 10 to your power, use convert to dots, Slide the slider left to 85.


Okay I’ll try that

Thanks! I’ll try your suggestions!

When doing “Vary power” engraves I set min power to 15 as long as there are no white bits in the image as they will not be cut at all. for all others I just up the power. the dots will all be the same depth but where close the remaining mask may just be flying about so masking may be a problem there too.

The sliders in convert to dots need to be by judgement as light areas may not have enough dots or dark areas too many

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Thanks for the suggestions! This is not a raster and I haven’t learnt how to engrave with dots yet so wanted to work with what I knew

What made it fail:

  • masking left on
  • HD engrave at DPI

What worked

  • removed masking
  • SD engrave at 340 DPI
  • offset path by 2 pixels


I thought HD is always superior. It was not. The slower speed and power was my first try so detail was lost

Offsetting path by 2 pixels and merging them make the lines just thick enough for the details

I should have used a lighter wood. Walnut is harder to see fine details of the engrave

Conditioning with polyurethane is not the same as oil. I glued my fingers together as it dried :roll_eyes:


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