Twist on Atari logo

I’m a big fan of old school arcade games. Working from home has provided me time to play with the forge. I was going for something that was unique. Very happy with how it turned out.


Ahh you’re speaking directly to my 10-year-old self playing with the old 2600.


Very cool, nice choice in materials.


Adventure!, Indiana Jones, Night driver… Oh so many memories.


Pitfall, Space invaders, barnstorming… Ah, memories.


Dd anyone else have a starpath? (aka arcadia)

Those games were easily my favorites.

Wow, nope but I would have been all in!

Hmm looks like Stella supports these games.

Also looks like you can get a USB 2600 style joystick.

How far down this rabbit hole do I want to go here… hmm.

I still have a VCR for the sole purpose of hooking up my Atari 2600. Have an original 6 button woodie with a ton of games.


Wow ok so I got stella up and running and got an old starpath game running on it. That was shockingly easy.

Then for kicks, I grabbed adventure and gave it a whirl.


Me too. Although I had to play my fav:

The cartridge actually had a custom chip that allowed for better visuals and 4 channel music. All I have to do is see a pic of this and the music instantly plays in my head. :smiley:

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Or this one - Starmaster!

I guess work from home has officially stopped for the day.


Alternative soundtrack suggestion:

That might make the browser version more enjoyable.

My favorite was H.E.R.O

Love it, I still have all my original Atari computer stuff in storage.

I loved my 800XL. Had just about every accessory you could get for it.

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I’ve collected some original 800’s and had a 130XE I used all the time before getting into the ST versions.

Wish I had my atari! What fun!

That looks great! Atari came in my adulthood. Did play a few games of Space Invaders when visiting someone with the game.