Two more small projects

Just to show off a little more (especially now that I can show off more than one photo per post :slight_smile: ). My mother gave my eldest a big box of Prismacolor pencils for his birthday, but it was an awkward shape to carry around. He asked if I could make him something better.

There are six trays that nest together, and I got the kerf right so that they will stay together when stacked but are not too hard to pull apart. He used the pencils to color the lid.

Also, my kids alternate responsibility for setting and clearing the table and for washing the dishes, and my husband and I can never remember whose turn it is. So I fixed it.


Nice! Like the stacking trays…I need to whip a few up for screws and fittings. Would be much nicer than the tackle boxes they currently reside in. :grinning:

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@Jules, you are more than welcome to start with my Onshape design for the trays. They are probably shallower and wider than what you need for screws and fittings, but it might be easier than designing them from scratch. (Or not, if you don’t use Onshape. :slight_smile: )

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Nope, it’s one I’ve never used, but thanks for the offer of the file. :grinning:
I’ve got a parametric setup in F360…I need to just fiddle with it a bit to make them stackable…it’s a good idea for certain applications like this one. :sunglasses::+1:

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Oh, thank you! I need to make a set of these. My Prismacolor pencils are a mess. And I do use OnShape! You did a great job on both projects.


Love the pencil trays! I bought two pencil cases for mine before the Glowforge arrived.

The wheel is also a great idea!

Have a box of 200 gel pens screaming for this. Thanks!

Is that with proofgrade draftboard? I have plenty of art supplies that could use this.

Yes, it is Proofgrade draft board. I made a second lid recently so he can “split” the box to make it easier to carry all of them in his backpack. He’s not wiling to travel with fewer than all his pencils. :roll_eyes:

Excellent. That means I’m totally stealing this, since you have shared. It will be majorly convenient for many of my supplies. Many thanks.

I really like this kid. Shows promise.