Two Notebook Covers

Hi All

We’ve had our glowforge for a year and been doing a lot with it but I’m not the artist most of you are so was a bit shy to post.

Anyway, made a couple covers for notebooks and was happy with how they turned out:

The first is the outline of a lake engraved on 1/8 unfinished plywood. I used blue tape to mask and kept the masking on the lake part after the engrave, spray shellacked the rest a few times and then removed the masking and colored in the lake with water colors and then spray shellacked it too.

The second is from a photo taken of the mountains across the same lake.

For that one I used the approach from this video:

to change the color snapshot into what looked like a graphite sketch of the scene. I had to separate the lake, sky and mountains when editing so the sky could be completely cleared and the lake toned down so they weren’t distracting. Mostly happy with how it came out but there’s still a bit too much detail in the lake (it’s showing a weird shadow of the mountains) but decided to call it good enough and use the cover. This second one was printed on proofgrade medium maple plywood. Kept the masking on for the initial cut and then removed it for the sd engrave of the doctored photo.

Also want to give a huge thanks to this awesome community. My Sunday morning ritual has become catching up on all the cool and creative stuff you all do over a cup of coffee. I’ve learned a lot and been inspired by what I’m seeing here and the kind and helpful feedback the community gives. Thanks!


They turned out great! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great work!! Great execution! Don’t count yourself as someone who is not artful just yet!!


It looks like you have put your Glowforge to good use and have learned lots of design skills and techniques as well. The notebooks are lovely.


Thank you all!


These look great! Nice to make something truly your own.

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