Two questions about acrylic and some stickers!

So I vend at a lot of festivals during the summer and since the forge can do a million thing which I still havet got my head around,thought about making pins. Here a shot of two I’ve made…so 1st … what type of glue or epoxy is best to attach a pin back to the acrylic? And I’ve tried butane to clean off the some of the two color acrylic backlash after getting cut. Found better results lowering the power and making two passes but still needs some clean up. Thanks for the help

Also loving the laminate wood, making a ton of stickers at the moment


Absolutely adorable shrooms! :grinning:
(They look like they cleaned up very nicely.)


Ha thanks…i try to keep the cute alive!!

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Very attractive and creative!

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I would try e6000. It’s a gel based super glue, dries clear and is very solid.


I use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean the two-color acrylic. My success rate is 100%. Good luck!


The pendant mushrooms look awesome. From what are they cut?

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I’ve become a fan of the UV curing resin, for it’s extended working time, because it doesn’t set until you hit it with UV, and it is all but instant when you do.
But since it requires light to cure, areas that are opaque to light might be problematic.
In this case I would probably go with a thick CA glue, and rough-up the attachment site to give the surface some ‘tooth’ for a secure bond.


Two layer acrylic from inventables.

I use “Liquid Fusion” glue with great success.

Love the sugar skulls and the mushrooms are so cool!

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I would probably try a superglue, but this chart (which just has a generic “plastic” list item, not specifically acrylic)suggests a two-part adhesive… epoxy?
(I never have good luck with epoxy.)


I like all of your art, but those two-toned mushrooms are absolutely mesmerizing!

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