Two weeks in

So it’s been two weeks since my GF arrived, and I’ve been a bit busy learning the works, working out which settings cut and which scorch, which singe and which vapourise! Here are my projects to date that don’t include the obligatory escutcheon (see that post) and the getting-to-know-you projects. Oh, and the very singed test runs!

[rubber stamp, etched book cover (A6), etched glass coaster, test run greyboard Christmas decs, 15" high set of praying hands (cardboard and papier mache) and ‘carved’ text into HDF]

Yup… I’ve taken notice of all the warnings about non-Proofgrade materials, but hey, I’m in the UK and clicked ‘I haven’t yet got a dealer’ and got on with it.

Almost forgot - prototype tealight holder:


Good job on placement in that plate. not always easy to do.

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Good work!
I love the variety, and was surprised to read that the entire sculpture was GF and not just the label.
Solid start.


Thanks… beginners luck I think. That and putting it bang smack under the lid camera.

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Thanks - a puzzle of 66 layers of cardboard thanks to Fusion 360 Slicer app :slight_smile:


Those hands and the tealight proto are really something! How’d you bend the wood?

Tealight done in greyboard - I’m hoping to find some thin wood to make the real thing, with enough of a living hinge thing going on to curve it in the same way. There are tabs on the corners of the uprights to hold them to the top and bottom (corresponding slots), with the topmost layer hiding the slotted bits. The shape is maintained by these and the inner base section. Almost a no-glue solution, at least in greyboard!


You know, I like that plain cardboard version of the hands just as well - the orientation of the cardboard is phenomenal.


I have found that Baltic birch 1/8" (3mm) plywood works very well for living hinges.

I’ve even been able to make a bracelet out of it. :slight_smile:

I used a magnetic clasp designed for leatherwork. Conveniently, leather is oft 3mm thick.


Thanks for the tip - will have to find some :slight_smile:

What settings did you use for the book? That is one I wanted to attempt soon as well.

1000/20 vary power two passes

Thank you!

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Really great start!

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Your first projects are just amazing! Those hands—I can’t even!

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Are you sure this isn’t two months in? Awesome work, especially with the 66-layer hands!


And here’s the production model of the tealight holder, made from 1.5mm birch ply. Seems I got the curve and cut outs just right to bend, and a few score lines top and bottom of the grid on the inside curve help with that. I just need to find a better quality ply, or less tacky masking.


Looks great! :grinning:

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A couple more weeks, and many more experiments. Latest are etched ceramic tiles. Top tip - smear porcelain pens over the etch with finger tip, then wipe off quickly with paper towel. Bonus is that you can then bake the tile to make it proper permanent :slight_smile:

Examples below have etched drop cap and text, the rest is drawn freehand.

Settings - 500/FULL engrave at 450lpi


Wow, love your freehand work! :grinning: