Typewriter Time capsule

My wife and I have an old smith-corona which sits at the end of our kitchen counter. Every so often we will pass it and write little notes to each other, poetry, musings, stupid stuff.

Wanting to learn how to make a box, I decided to make a little time capsule with a slot that we can stick the little notes in with instructions on the box not to hack it open for 30 years.


Awesome. Clever and whimsical. Love it.

This is fantastic! Love the idea…my wife and I do the same, but with handwritten notes, not typed.

Love this.

A few things…

  1. Always define your terms when writing instructions. For example… Users trying to understand the instructions probably won’t know what a “typewriter” is.
  2. If you make it 30 years without opening it, you should write a book on patience.
  3. This is one of the best uses of a box that I’ve ever seen.

:slight_smile: GREAT JOB!


True love is great to see.

That is so awesome!! :revolving_hearts:

What a sweet tradition!


Might be tough to survive the journey. Things get moved, put aside during repairs and rebuilding, stored while moving…
You get the idea, things can get pushed to the side even with the best of intentions.

I am always finding stuff that I owned and cherished 30-40 years ago. Sort of a “WOW, I still got this !?” moment

Some are worth finding anew. Your box sounds like one of those.
You can say, “Hey babe, remember this?” and go find a hammer…

So… Great idea and some good memories down the road.


How romantic! Great idea! :grinning:

Great message. This is a fantastic idea!