U-channel End caps for acrylic? Plus! Cool stands for modular synths

Does anyone have a recommend for rubber-channel end-capping to cover the cut edges of acrylic sheets like on this awesome Korg Volca Stand?


Hard to go wrong with McMaster-Carr, might not be the best price but a huge selection:


@cbarker Thank you! Do you know if these, even if not intended to do so, have slip-proof properties? I wouldn’t want the synths to be able to slide and possibly end up on the floor in bits.

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The amount of force needed to move a synth side-to-side will be a design consideration of the rig you are creating. The coefficient of friction, mass of the device(s) and angle they are at drive how much force it takes to move them.

If your question is if these have special consideration for non-slip, no. But they are still rubber.

That said, I’ve never seen one of these synths in person, do they have ‘feet’? That would keep them from taking a dive of the side.


Easy enough to buy a small piece and try it.
If you want to do the engineering you can probably find a coefficient of friction number based on the durometer (hardness) rating of the material. You can also vary the width to get more “stick”.
Note that they have them in a variety of materials, so you can probably find something that works.

One other thing to find out (by experimenting) is making sure the rubber (or whatever) won’t leave marks behind.


All else being equal, shouldn’t changing the contact area not change friction force?


Sure, all other things being equal, and assuming that static friction is all you have to worry about.
In reality though this is more about “traction” then friction, right?
If he has poor contact between the rubber feet and whatever random irregular not flat surface it is placed on then bigger feet will offer more traction.

Trying to control all the possible real world variables would give me a headache.
And then someone goes and spills a beer, and it is all for naught anyway. :grin: :beer: