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Is there a way to turn off – not just hide – the new conversation feature on the user interface? When it’s hidden, the large countdown timer goes away and we’re left with the smaller (harder to see) one. If there’s not, please create a way to close it out. If an individual user wants it back they can turn the feature back on. Thank you.


You need to send your request to Support. They don’t monitor the forums anymore. This has been a major complaint, and I think the more people send it to them, maybe they’ll find a solution.


I’m the meantime there is a way to block the chat but it requires using a plugin in a chrome based browser. It’s an easy 5 minute process, and I agree a toggle should be provided but until that happens this can get you where you want to be.

The plug-in, Stylebot, can be used to do lots of website modifications, not just at Glowforge. It really is easy, you might want to give it a try.


Oh, and similarly, if you’d like to bypass the front page of the dashboard with all the catalog stuff, you can use a plugin to automatically redirect to another page of your choice. I wrote up a how to here:


Thanks! I’ll do that!


Once again, GF delivers something I did not ask for, do not need, does not help with my work flow, and is likely to become annoying.

My $0.02:

In addition to making this chat an option, it would be great if GF could…

Move the “set focus” button to the top level

Move “magic canvas” to the more menu

Reduce the potential for mistakes by providing greater separation between the general website navigation bar ((Dashboard, Catalogue, Shop, Community, Support) and the UI command bar. I have lost count of the times I accidentally clicked on support when I intended to open up the " …" menu (aka the more menu) to get to the set focus command ,which I use on 95% of my jobs.

One solution would changing so one group is left justified on the page and the other right justified.

Another solution is get rid of “catalogue”, “shop”, and “community” from the GF UI. Do people really use any of these from this location? I NEVER have had a reason to do any of the above.


BTW, I did this and it took less than 5 minutes including installing the StyleBot extension!


Don’t thank me, thank @chris1, he made that video, super helpful.


I do not mind things like Community being in the GFUI, as they are out of the way. But other things like Set Focus being buried in a menu… Yeah, I don’t get it.


All general website navigation should be set to open in new tabs/windows. That’s the simple literal 2 minute fix to all of that. Add little bits of ’ target=“shop”', ‘target=“support”’ etc to the anchor tags.

I won’t even charge GF for my development time, they can just use this for free. It’s the craziest thing to me that they haven’t done it already – this problem has been discussed many times.
(@emilyhuh, if this in particular isn’t in the “super easy, lets do it asap” section of the hopper then it should be.)


Actually, the Stylebot is not needed. What you are asking for has been there all along :slightly_smiling_face: Up in the upper right-hand corner there is a word that says “hide” and if clicked it goes away. Then you merely click on the start button and if in the middle of a cut it will pop up with all that was there before including the countdown till finished.

Also when initializing a cut or engrave that is problematic and might start a fire it will put the notice in that sidebar so it is good to have it at least when you hit the start button.

Yes but it doesn’t stay away. That’s where stylebot shines. Gone forever[1], and you don’t even lose the big timer like you do when you click hide. Yes, when you hit hide the small timer is still there, but it just isn’t the same user experience.

Using the hide button has to be done every single time you start a job, and people want a more persistent toggle. Enter Stylebot.

  1. (or until GF changes the website in a way that causes stylebot to get confused, but that may never happen) ↩︎


:person_shrugging: A matter of control I guess. If it was a big deal to hide it I might want that, but a single click to see what I need is not such a chore. I would be interested if Stylebot hides the burn risk warning also. To test it see what happens when you seek to engrave acrylic at HD. Assuming they have not fixed it, it always kicked up the warning.

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It would be hard to imagine that hiding a frame titled “Discord” would also hide the burn risk warning…but I’ve seen worse programming :slight_smile:


It is worth checking though, @rbtdanforth has a point. I guess the thing to do is for one of us to disable stylebot, force a burn warning, then do it again with stylebot back on to see if the burn warning is hidden.

Or we could just inspect the burn warning and see if it’s in the discord Div. Shouldn’t be but you never know.


You can use a dark engraving and set it to HD on Acrylic. It was 450lpi, 350 speed and 40 power I believe or something like that, anyway the alarm went crazy.


It does not :slight_smile:



That’s good to know for sure!


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