UK User - I'm out

I’ve stuck with all the dissapointments from GF from the beginning, but I’m afraid the tube issue is a killer for me. I shall be asking for my refund

Return shipping and replacement works out at just shy of $1,500 - that’s insane!!

Feel very badly let down but this news. Very disappointed.


I would rather not see a potential GF user go, but I fully understand why you would quit this journey. - Rich


If you can, try to stick with it a little more, until units start to being shipped. Maybe, there is a unseen solution around the corner. (I deeply hope so)


I’m a UK buyer too and I totally get it.
I’m hanging in there for now, but can’t see how I can stay with it if something doesn’t change.
I suspect most overseas customers are seeing it the same way.
Good luck man.


As somebody else stated… They didn’t make this announcement without considering all other options. I don’t think there’s anything else to wait for.


Also a UK user, I’m not willing to wait until the units ship as the current message from @dan is that there will be no solution prior to shipping.

Indeed, I’m going to wait a few days and see how this settles down. If there is no satisfactory answer within that time frame I am also out. Angry, upset, emotional… all things I never thought I would say about a business purchase. But after coming along for the ride, being promised so much and then seeing that eroded, yeah… pretty emotional.


Can’t wait until it ships - because it’s too late then - by the time it ships you’ve already got an enormous paper weight in waiting…

You can cancel for refund up to the point when you give them your shipping info, so you would be safe waiting until they ask you if you’re ready for your unit


That’s the worst part, and that’s why I understand if someone wants to quit. But at the same time it is why I’m still here.

Rod, I understand, but don’t get burned yourself. Once it’s shipped you’re stuck with the costs of the tube replacement.

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I’m not going to recommend you stay, but with international orders shipping last, you should have time to see if they can come up with a reasonable solution for overseas customers. Plus you can cancel at anytime before you actually give them your shipping address.

Also, when you get the e-mail, you can simply hold it and not answer it for a while automatically defering your delivery date until even later.

Hope you haven’t canceled yet. They are selling replacement tubes.


Aaaand they reached the corner :relaxed:

Thank you for your concern, but I don’t plan to burn myself, there is time to see how things evolve.

I really hope that too.