Update to the update: We'll sell replacement tubes

Thank you for the clear and thoughtful feedback about our the importance of tube replacement for the community. I heard you loud and clear, and have spent the day with the team discussing what we can do for you. As a result, we’re changing our plan.

If your tube needs replacement, you’ll have two options:

  1. We will sell replacement tubes so a Glowforge unit can be replaced without shipping it anywhere (price to be announced before we ship).

  2. We’ll replace the tube for you. This is free while the machine is under warranty, and $499 thereafter. This price includes round-trip shipping for your Glowforge anywhere inside the United States. International shipping will be extra.

The key change from our original plan is that we’ll sell parts rather than a snap-in kit, and we’re adding a $499 “we do it for you” option with free 2-way domestic shipping.

We’re incredibly lucky to have such awesome customers. We made a mistake, and you told us so we can do our best to fix it. I know this won’t do right by everyone, but I hope it’s better for more of you.

There were a huge number of amazing suggestions in the comments as well: locally certified technicians, drop-in tube swaps, and more. We’re going to investigate all of those as well in the coming months.

I’m sure there will be lots of questions - I’ll attempt to answer those in the comments as they arrive, but wanted to share this decision with everyone as soon as possible. I’m also updating the original post to reflect this.


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