UK wood supplies

Hi all. I have just pre-ordered my GF and have been looking online for suitable suppliers of thin Hardwoods here in the UK. As this will be a new hobby for me i wonder if anyone here can give me some pointers as to where to buy. Thanks

Check out - Materials and suppliers

Some of the suppliers will ship internationally.

I can’t offer and direct experience with UK but I found here that my local speciality wood shop is well equipped to help out. While their stock of thin woods (thicker than veneer but not thicker than the max we can use) was very limited, they said they will re-saw anything they have to whatever sizes I want for a small fee.

Might be an option to look into there too?

Hi Guys, thanks for the replies. As far as i can see the UK isn’t really that well served by speciality wood shops and in fact the whole makerspace idea doesnt really exist as it does in the US. Maybe it’s early days and the advent of more user friendly affordable equipment will drive this market here in the UK.

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I’m in the UK. I contacted my local timber yard and they had some basic selections. Also, they were prepared to sell me a larger sheet and then cut it into Glowforge friendly sized panels with a very small fee.

I have also been doing some web searching and found a few places although I haven’t reasearched them thoroughly.

This one looks all right as well.