Ukulele Blank Cord Stamp

This is a simple ukulele blank cord stamp, measuing 3/4 tall. It was created for our "Merry Ukuleles’ group, some of us are beginners. Having a picture of the cord on your sheet music is very helpful.

Ukulele Cord Stamp

Mask area to be printed on (the top side optional).

Select/highlight the design to apply settings.

Material selection medium leather

For the engrave, set the speed at 310

Power at 93

Lines per at 450

For the cut, set it at speed 150

Power 60
After removing the mask, scrub with an old toothbrush and Dawn Dish Soap.
Glue the back of the stamp to a scrap, sanded piece of wood measuring 1 in square. Hint you can glue 3 layers of 3 mm/1/8" wood scraps together to obtain the hieght you like. you just need enough to get a good grop on it.
recommended by others and works well for me:
ukulele stamp-2

Orange Rubber Stamp Sheet for Laser Engraving Machine with A4 Size 2.3mm (Orange)


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ukulele stamp-2


Appreciate the share - but the forum strips raster images from svg files so there’s nothing there except the outside cut lines :frowning:

You can either zip your files and attach the zip here, or you can attach the png/jpg/etc. image of your stamp by itself (not wrapped in the .svg that :glowforge: gave you)


I’m such a novice that I do not know how to do a zip


If you’re on a Windows machine, you can right click on the file in its folder, and one of the options will be Send to - and then Compressed (zipped) folder.
—> image
Click that, give it a name (it’ll default to the same as the file name), and give it a few seconds to complete. Then come back here.
Click edit (the pencil) on your post:
—> image
Then delete the original .svg image and either drag the zip folder over, or click the upload button and upload it :slight_smile:
—> image

If you’re on a Mac or a phone, let us know what and we can walk you through that!


I am on a Mac.

Jusr right-click on the file and hit Compress. It will create a .zip file of the same name, upload that.


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If no right click, Control+ click.