Ultimaker's Uranium is waiting

I’ve found the excellent framework from Ultimaker (from which Cura is built) called Uranium, which is specifically for our use case, which is slicing 3D models. Plugins for extended functionality are easy to develop in Python, and I’m wondering if there is any interest in such a project? I’ve noticed that Fusion360 has a Slicer plugin (which won’t work for me in WINE), and read of a few other such projects, but it should be relatively trivial to implement a slicer for engraving and cutting using Uranium, which would take advantage of the very active Cura community.

Anyone in?

Does this mean a tool which can take 3d models for 3d printers and slice them into pieces for production on a laser cutter?

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Yes. This is the store page for Fusion’s Slicer. It is an amazing bit of software. I’ve used it several times to turn a solid object into something that could be cut and fitted together on the GF.



That is pretty cool.

I still haven’t broken the 3d barrier but if there were existing models I could start with, it could be useful.

I believe that any STL or other file that fusion360 can handle can be sliced for 3D. I wanted something like that in Linux, but since fusion only runs in windows, and WINE doesn’t like the Slicer plugin . . .

So there is some interest?

Uh, I’m running it on my Mac right now…

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