Ultimate gamer stand

Last week I had a request to add a phone stand into my gaming stands to make a phone/ gamer/ headphone stand all in one. I hope this finds that person as I lost the post thread it was on since then!
I also added an option engraving area up front too for a gamer tag or a name, etc. I think it turned out great. Made it for medium proofgrade plywood and thick proofgrade acrylic.

The file is now available on freshstartcustoms.com or FreshStartCustoms | Etsy for you when/if you see it.


Very nice. I especially like the clear acrylic on the bottom which looks so modern.


Thanks I appreciate it


Nice work. I am sure the person will love it when they find it.


I hope so. I still don’t think they have seen it.

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I like the idea of hanging up the headphones. gonna need to whip up something for that.

I have a headphone stand only version too


I’m now wondering if anyone does controller and headphones to play cellphone games…I mean, I could see it :smiley:
The stand is lovely, and to echo others, that combo of acrylic and wood just looks sharp

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very cool

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Thank you