Ultrasonic Cutter —- Wondercutter S

Hello GF Peeps!

Does anyone here at the community own this particular brand? If anyone owns one —- I would like to know the pros and cons. Thank you kindly!!


I’ve not tried this cutter, but in general I’ve been happy with all of the Micromark tools I have. I’ll be interested to see if anyone has tried this!


Three red flags I see.

#1 It is a hand tool not CNC will take a very steady hand to use (was once me but no longer)

#2 It will not cut metal or glass (or presumably stone or tile) so no better than Glowforge for that,

#3 it does not say how deep it cuts but I don’t think much.

Best use? All that stuff that almost but not quite cut through otherwise paperweight.


I watched the video and I think it’s a piece of crap. It had a hard time cutting through a plastic zip tie and did you notice it never showed any of the other materials being separated after “cutting”. It was only scratching most of them.


Now if it was a very thin diamond coated titanium blade moving like that…

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lol. this phrase is what would scare me off from buying one. that’s an “as seen on TV” phrase. as if billy mays was selling it.



Please ignore large coiled cord connecting tool to battery pack.


I imagine it’s lovely for someone who doesn’t have the hand strength to do that with an Xacto, but if you have the hand strength you’d do better replacing your Xacto blades more frequently. If you don’t have the hand strength I imagine it would be quite the aid. You can see it cutting into the clear things - the line in the acrylic is probably the clearest that it’s cutting deeply, but you can also see the blade disappear into the materials so it’s decidedly cutting.

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As well as @deirdrebeth points, the size of the handle and distance it is from the actual blade would likely be really uncomfortable in my smaller hands, and harder to see the blade point.

Seems you’d be better off investing in really high quality cutting blades and shears and you’d get thru nearly all the materials they showed faster than than it took w/ the ultrasonic knife the video–especially since looked like most required multiple passes… (and what about if using a straight edge or template?).

And obviously it produces heat due to the friction of the movement–you can’t see it move, but you can smell it! It was burning the gourd and melting the plastic–so would be worried how that would affect the material you don’t want to get heated for not only the material, but proper ventilation/PPE for yourself!

I think there had been some concepts for ultrasonic scalpels before lasers became practical in the operating room…

Save your money for a home water jet cutting system! :crazy_face:


I use it to cut the styrene plastic sheets (and other materials) for the miniature buildings I make for train hobbyist and our local train group. It’s great and I never had any issue with it.



Unfortunately after carpel tunnel release surgery in both of my hands at the end of 2019 ——I have now lost all the strength in my hands. The surgeries fixed the neuropathy and burning now I have dexterity problems.


Wow, I never thought about the issue of burning toxic materials. Thank you for your informative post.


Some parts in this video are way too long but this person does use the wondecutter for miniatures. Miniatures is the reason why I have been thinking about purchasing it but after reading everyone’s post—I do not know.

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They really should have left the zip tie out of that demo video =D


Bummer about the wrists/hands.
if you try this, you might want anti-vibration gloves? (good w/ any hand power tool).
And depending materials being cut, highly recommend rotary cutters–but get ergonomic handle, and Olfa blades are by far the best out there–worth their price (I hunt on eBay for deals), and there are also a lot of electric scissors and cutters…


Your post had me chuckle. I have been a quilter for almost 25 years and Olfa is my best friend when quilting.

I have maybe 7 to 8 pairs of gloves to help with the dexterity issues but I do not own a pair of gloves for vibration. Great idea --thank you

I’ve never heard of anti-vibration gloves! I could really use this when I use a sander or something, thanks for mentioning it. Gonna make a note to check this out!

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What about trimming bonsai? Very precise cuts or removing the wood in the center of the cut so the bark will grow over, or carving an owl for while it is doing so or simulating weathering on a small branch?

I have seen many that have cut the top of the main trunk too low and tried to cover that up (never successfully) but what if it were flaunted like if struck by lightning and above the remaining branches the top looking like driftwood?

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I forget where I found mine, but got Carhartt brand!

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Any blade Olfa is fantastic! I make about 90% of my cuts with my leathers with my 45mm rotary cutter, though over decades I’ve seen garment sewing it’s a mix, as I really like my Kia scissors–but best thing was getting a cutting mat that is at least 36"x72" (covers my work table)! But the handle I love is Martelli ergo handle

But the anti-vibration glove I found by Carhartt are too thick for much more than gripping power tool handles… (even with the finger tips cut off!).

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A couple of years ago, I was watching a YouTube video. The gentleman in the video stated this was the best utility knife.

“I’ll give you my Olfa utility knife when you take it from my cold, dead hands.” :wink: :wink:

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I added this to my birthday wishlist

WORX WX081L ZipSnip Cutting Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019CSHSW8

I wonder if you could cut the bristles off a Sonicare toothbrush and attach an exacto blade. Hmm. Might not want to charge it in the bathroom though based on the amount of times that I have accidentally used my sons toothbrush who routinely leaves it in my bathroom. Hehe