Un union in inkscape

I created a bee and want to thicken his antenna. In inkscape how do you ununion an image.


Path>break apart :grin: If it’s a vector, but your image is raster. You can Path>Trace bitmap, and that will give you a vector image that you can manipulate.


Hmmm the path > break apart didn’t do anything.

Make sure everything is un-grouped first, and watch the message area in the bottom toolbar of Inkscape for clues as to why it might not be working. But if something is grouped the break apart won’t work.

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You could first break apart the nodes like this,

I want to make each antenna fatter

Easy when the antennas are separated from the rest as they are in the piece I posted. Either Path > Outset or Path > Dynamic offset in Inkscape. Not sure about other programs,

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