Uncle Sam gets new feet


Well, there is not a spot for repair work so this will have to go here.

Uncle Sam has been a part of our summer porch for quite a while and recently due to a series of unfortunate events, his feet got broken.

I had hoped to use the camera in the :glowforge: but alas those big feet where a bit large for it to be that simple. No problem, flatbed scanner, wait, they are too big for that as well! Okay, scan half of it, that will work.
So I scanned the foot, stuck it in F360, traced one foot, mirrored that foot into feet.
Now I had a decision to make, cnc from 3/4 ply or do three 1/4" and laminate. Well, you know which direction I went. Cut three times, glued them up, daughter painted them, then I reattached his feet, good as new!


Looks perfect! :grinning::vulcan_salute:


Great!! We are looking forward to having our :glowforge: for odd repairs!


This is great! I love stuff like this.


Excellent! have a Nutcracker that needs a new foot.


:us: :heart: Looks Great!


Yea! Uncle Sam’s gotta new pair of shoes!!
Didn’t even need to win at craps in Vegas to get them. :blush:


Love it! Nice job!