Unexpected error

Iv’e been down all day, anyone else getting this error.

UPDATE: Still not working with Opera - working with Chrome


No errors here, and the status page shows all green

What are you doing when you get that error? That seems to most commonly be an issue with a file (too many nodes, open segments, etc.) but not always. If it’s when you’re uploading can you try another file (or just make a quick square or something)?

I thought so too… it’s doing that with all files - basically won’t allow me to proceed with cutting anything

i got it one time, a few days ago, power cycled the forge and it never came back. remember to close that box or the original will just sit there, causing confusion.

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Odd, I just received the same notice a minute ago. I was attempting to go back to my home page after running a project previously. I closed the notice and received a couple more telling me I had no connection however I believe it was just waking up the internet connection. A few seconds later everything went back to normal.

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