Universal game controller wall mounts

simple file but it helped me organize my controllers and keep them off of the shelf’s
very tight fit with no glue
curious what you guys do with it.
controller mount1.zip (2.7 KB)



Nice design, thanks for sharing!


Looks great, awesome project.


Ooooooooooooo :star_struck: Very nice! You’ve inspired me to make something similar for my headset at my computer desk!

Great work!


Nice collection you have!

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that’s what I need for my headset.


Those are lovely! and yeah, controlling controllers is a business and a half!

You might want to glue anyway - wood shrinks/grows with changes in the weather/humidity so what’s a tight fit today may fall-down-go-boom next season


I was just thinking about making something like this myself! Excellent! Thank you.

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Yet another thing I didn’t even know I desperately needed! Thank you!


Nice! Thank you so much!!

Sweet! Now, if I can only get my kids to put them back when they are done playing … :joy:


I am so excited for this Thank you!!

Cool. Thanks for the design. Now I won’t step on my controllers all the time.

Thanks friend C: had plans for this and was happy to use files already made, haha. I did add a felt lining to the back and bottom, both to hold it together better and also to protect the wall a bit. I added two holes for nails instead of just one to be doubly sure they wouldn’t tip when people removed surrounding controllers.


Super dope. I should make something like this for my little brother. Great idea and thanks for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can I ask how to make it usable for thicker wood? I am using .18
Or any idea for how I can learn to make one of my own?

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I came to the forums today! Normally all my controllers stay in the living room with the game consoles, but I’ve been doing more PC gaming with friends during the pandemic, and I was getting tired of having a controller floating around on my computer desk. This afternoon I started thinking about designing a wall-mounted stand, and I just checked in to see if anyone had already made one. Thank you for sharing the design!

Since I used mounting adhesive rather than a nail or screw, I removed the holes from the SVG and added a couple of game logos for fun. (And holy catfish, you weren’t kidding about it being a tight fit – I actually snapped off one of the tabs on my first attempt to put it together!)


Thanks for the file, This will solve my Christmas gift giving for my son. I think I will also engrave them. Thanks again!

looks good


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