Unloading my camera from Maker Faire

We just got back from Maker Faire, and it was amazing! We encourage every new employee to come to a show like Maker Faire so they can meet all of the incredible people who make what we do possible. This time we had eleven teal shirts in attendance and I heard, nonstop, how incredible it was to meet everyone.

And now, a random chronological dump of pictures from my phone.

When we first got the Makerfaire Glowforge units online:

Booth set up and ready for action:

hanging with @jacobturner and @rebecca:

Nice to be so popular:

Glowforge Superhero! Courtesy @jbv:

And, a job well done.

Thanks so much to everyone who came. Video and more to come later!


Thanks for the pictures, creative shot from the lid camera!

Must be an exhaustive process, packing everything/transporting the works to, from the airport to the exhibition - setup, testing before the two day show… on your feet all day both days - then tear down and repack. Home stretch, move the circus back, unpack and setup again.

Congratulations, You guys made it look easy. Now go back to work to get a break. Draw a free breath and celebrate a job well done!


Looks like you guys had an awesome set-up—Thanks for sharing!


Thank you all for taking the time to show off the Glowforge. It was great to finally see it in action. I made a short video of it engraving the parrot my mom drew.


Very nice! Your mom is quite the artist–bet she can’t wait till you get your magic machine.

I was surprised by how enthusiastic she was about it. It helps that the Glowforge is much more accessible (especially for low-tech people like my mom) than something like a 3D printer. We were both impressed with the various examples of Glowforge made things they had at the booth.