Uno Flip Box

Hid not relevant info. Not removing for sake of conversation though

So, I got a cease and desist from Mattel. So I am no longer selling these. If you would like one for yourself , here you go, Enjoy.

Please follow the terms of this forum.

New UNO Box - Flip (1)


Sell them as “OOH-NO” with a wink and tell Mattel to go pound sand.


I used to work for those litigious f*^#^@$#^}s.
Sorry to hear it.


That is more than ridiculous. You still have to buy their game to use this?!?!

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Yea that’s why I didn’t have a problem using their IP on it. I felt I was helping their sales or building the brand. I understand though. It is their IP so it’s their right.

Same reason I didn’t sell my hive game, since it replaced the purchase.


Shame… thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing. That’s too bad about Mattel. But I’ll definitely use it for here at home!

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So this is a good opportunity to talk about the forum and copyright/trademark. Just to be clear, I am not trying to set policy or even picking much of a side, it’s just an interesting topic so here we are.

It’s not just their right, but defending their trademark is a requirement to keeping it.

So, just so I am clear on your thought process here: Mattel says “stop diluting on our trademark”, and your reaction is “fine then I’ll spread it far and wide and enable potentially hundreds of other people to do it too”?

I’m not a lawyer, but if I were in Mattel’s shoes this would make you an even bigger target. It’s not usually the consumers that get legally pursued, it’s the suppliers. This page is googlable, if Mattel goes digging, they’ll easily find you.

(You are currently result #3)

Heck, worst case would be that the Mattel lawyers come after Glowforge and try to shut the forum down for repeatedly enabling copyright violations. Who knows if they would be successful, but it’s not an impossible legal argument these days, especially if Hasbro realizes how many Monopoly projects are here, or Disney for any number of projects, Warner Brothers for Harry Potter stuff, etc.

Anyway, I’m wandering a bit here. I am not a fan of big corporations, nor do I think trademark and copyright law is being done particularly well in the US, but I definitely don’t want a corporation to decide to come after me legally. For me, this is one of those cases where “I’ll show 'em” may not be worth it.

And lastly, the forum is for things that you yourself designed. The question is whether this qualifies in that regard… is the a box with a incidental logo on it, or is this a logo with a box around it? I think the case could be made wither way.


Thanks for your reply. Just to be clear, my intent has nothing to do with stick it to Mattel. Hopefully that came across, but perhaps I am self diluted there. As it leads me to the question of why did I even feel the need to mention it.

In short, I am no longer selling these so here is a design I thought I would share.

I have updated the file to remove the logo.

Thanks again!


Cool, as for the box, did you use a generator to start? If so, which one?

I use the paid version of Box-O-Matic IOS app.


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and to top it all off, apparently I have already shared this. :man_shrugging:

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I updated the other post to remove the svg and point to this post. Since the size of this box was actually updated to fit better anyway.

Not to mention triable damages

What are some of the differences in the paid versus free version?

Main thing I use is the inside box measure for building game boxes. Doing the math of material width is not that bad but when I add a divider it keeps it all going for me it’s nice.

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The default free version is actually really robust.

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Sorry. One last though. I mainly purchased because I like what the author is doing and wanted to support.

He is also really responsive when I have had things I thought were bugs.


Have you actually had any contact with Derek in the last few months? He definitely used to be responsive (I was poking him hard on the ID vs OD, glad to see someone else using it), but I haven’t heard from him recently, and the app hasn’t been update in almost a year.

No, I guess my last email with him was Aug 2020