Unpacking the Forge

Given the weight of the GlowForge, is it a back threatening action to lift the machine straight out of the box ?
Or is it possible to remove the box in pieces from around it, and still have a re-usable box ?

I’m thinking of having the box wheeled onto the bench at the back of the garage on delivery, but then how do I unpack it on my own ?


Cut the tape on the bottom of the box and lift the box up off the Glowforge, instead of trying to lift the Glowforge out of the box.


Depending on your strength it can be lifted from the box solo :slight_smile:

Or as @mpipes suggested, cutting the bottom tape (since it’s likely to be delivered on its side or end anyway).


Now why don’t I think upside down like that ?!!!

Thanks guys.
John :upside_down:


Okay, I’m a big ole boy but I don’t see this as that heavy, awkward due to size though. Two people lift if posible do to its size.


Times like these, I guess I’m happy to be built like a refrigerator. Good stable center of mass, makes it easy to huck a buddy over a shoulder or lift small cars. LOL.


Do not try and lift it yourself if at all possible. I am not that big of a person and I have lifted one (don’t tell anyone) but it was very awkward. Not so heavy really, just big and hard to hang onto safely. Get help, if only for a minute.


To be honest when the first PRU arrived, nobody was home, and there was NO WAY I was going to sit idle looking at boxes. So used a furniture dolly to get it to the family room, and I lifted it carefully up onto the stand. Wasn’t back breaking, but sure as heck was awkward. is it way, way easier with a second person. Absolutely. If you are lifting it to a very high counter probably really need someone. If you are doing it low, one person could do it (since I did). But it is a very, very expensive object, so 2 gives a way wider margin of safety.


Agreed. I’m 5’ 3" and not especially buff, but I was still able to lift the box easily enough. I chose to wait till hubs got home so that he could help me with it, since we have a quirky flight of stairs to navigate and the size is bulky. Just felt safer to set it up when I had a second set of hands available.


There is no way I will even attempt lifting the Glowforge myself. This machine weighs 18 pounds lighter than me…


dang girl. at least you can put capt awesome to work helping :smiley:


My UPS driver is a she-Hulk and I know she’s gonna huck that thing up to my door without wasting time to get the hand truck…

If she can do it, so can I. :smiley:


I’m 6’5" and lift all day at work. It’s not the weight that gets you is the awkward size of the box. The glowforge I held in one hand like a server tray while I moved something off the desk but I struggled getting the box upstairs alone


I only have 30ft of carpet to slide it across from the front door, then a single lift to a 24" tall surface. I’m good. :slight_smile:

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If they can build pyramids without power tools and cranes, this should be easy for ya!


Just get someone to help real quick. Its awkward and heavy, and definitely not worth it to risk accidentally dropping it, bumping it too hard, or anything stupid. Treat it with respect :wink: