Unsupported hacks to mess with the Precision Placement box

Some people are intimidated by the size of the PP (Precision Placement). I threw something together here that can be used to shrink or eliminate it. Don’t worry, the effect is only temporary and you can always get the PP back by reloading the page.



you are rapidly becoming my favorite geek




Amazing! Now this should be built into the UI. Great job


Just goes to show that if they wanted to do these things, they could. But, it a: makes them no money and b: doesn’t prevent people from cutting, so it probably gets thrown at the bottom of the pile.

I get that UI design is tricky – they have to balance a lot of stuff – but whoever is driving their look and feel definitely thinks differently from the way I do.



I personally wouldn’t go that far. This is a relatively new feature. They’ve gotten a bunch of feedback from people complaining that it’s in the way. I doubt that improving it is at the bottom of the pile. I would be surprised if prioritization is heavily driven by it not being a money-maker.

If they wanted an ugly hack, sure, they could have thrown it in. I didn’t do any testing, so who knows if it even works on anyone else’s machine. And scope creep is inevitable – as soon as you have a toggle, someone is going to say the on/off state should be saved. Per design or globally? What if you’re trying to position something in the area that’s covered? The obvious thing is to make it draggable, but that probably introduces another dozen edge cases. I’ve been in this industry far too long to believe anything is easy. But I also know from experience that a major UI refresh is always followed by a bunch of small fixes for things that either got postponed to get the release out the door, or were discovered after it went out.


Yes “it does not work the way I thought it would” & “Say could you have it so if I wanted to…”

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You’re a wizard! Thanks!


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