Upcycled Engraved Tile Coasters


First post (after years of stalking the forum updates)!

Tested this when I first got my GF. I had picked up a few old marble tile samples a while ago and have been using them as coasters so I thought I’d test out a deco and logo engrave design.

Apologies if these don’t show up; I’m new to posting! :sweat_smile:


Wow! Fantastic result–I really must try it.


Very nice!
Welcome to the forum! :sunglasses:


Thank you!


looks pretty darn good to me.


These look great–the lines are poppin’!


Really nice job!


Such clean lines - great job!


Is that tile glazed? Or just polished stone? I want to give this a try!


We just had an office debate between art directors and interior designers in my office trying to figure it out. Most agree that it’s polished marble, but maybe with a sealant, but not necessarily. Either way, it engraves easily and beautifully!


Ok…I think I have the life-cycle down now.
Buyer, stalker, owner, poster.
Oh…with the “FLASH OF LASER AWESOMENESS” between owner and poster! Ha!


Love the design … excellent!


Awesome! Love the design!


Welcome, and awesome job! I look forward to seeing your logo on more posts :slight_smile:




If only we could use blurred letters in our user names…



haha I KNOW, I blurred it out but didn’t know about our usernames being emails until after since it’s my first time posting.

Reminds me of the Simpsons…Lisa S. No wait, L. Simpson…