Upcycled Gift Tags

Trying to minimize wastefulness this Christmas, and my partner drinks and LOT of Coca Cola, so I decided to make up some gift tags from the boxes.


They make pretty nice tags, don’t they?


That’s a great idea! I need to experiment with paper materials more. I’m sure someone has posted settings in Beyond the Manual lol


With the red print, they’re perfect!

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Welcome to the forum. Great idea on the gift tags. Thanks for sharing.

I love it, I drink store brand colas and have the boxes of course. How big did you make them?


They’re 1.5" diameter. I made a few 2.5" for people who have longer names/larger handwriting

Thanks, my rough guess was about 2", I thought about designing some to put in my box of wrapping supplies.

Welcome. Red white and stars for Christmas.

This is a great upcycle idea! Nice work. The engrave really does turn out nice.