Update on the axe/hatchet handle

So you might have seen my rough draft/testing phase of the axe handle I posted this past week. Well I have an update with my final versions of them. I added some letters of last names of people they will be gifted too.

I also made my second YouTube shorts video ever from it too if the engraving. The engraving took just over 11 mins and I got it down to 15 seconds in the video so if you want to see that too, here’s a link to that: Custom engraved hatchet handle from Walmart using the Glowforge. - YouTube


Those a super!




Came out super cool, but I doubt they will stay that way for long if the tools are used.
If it does become an issue, just put the design towards the upper half where you don’t grab with future ones.
A clear varnish may allow them to wear a bit longer? Dunno.
Regardless, they came out great…

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Excellent music choice :slight_smile:

You’ve taken a pretty standard item and made an heirloom out of it. I hope they love it for generations!

I’m curious - how 3D is the engraving. I’m curious if those hatchets now require gloves, or if it’s mostly smooth to the touch?


It’s got about a 1/16- 1/8” engraving. It doesn’t feel like it catches on my hand but you can tell it’s there.