Update to MAC OS Catalina

Due to Apple updating to Catalina and to 64 bit programs, Inkscape has been identified as a legacy program on the system since it is a 32 bit program. Has anyone in the community that owns or uses a MAC done the update and if so what version of inkscape are you running . Any assistance would be appreciated .

There are threads. to summarize, upgrade Inkscape. It will be 64bit and it will not require XQuartz.

So my assumption is that I need to install Catalina first then the new version of inkscape that i downloaded afterwards so that it will work .

You could try the Inkscape 1.0 beta which is 64 bit compliant:



That is the one that I found , did not find much details on it so a I am being cautious about updating my OS and not being able to use inkscape for my GF.

I really know nothing about computer programs but with the last update in Inkscape, my older files started acting weird (being the wrong sizes and scale) when I opened them or used them. I am hoping that the newest version won’t wreck them all again. Is there any way to know?

Check the output DPI for the updated version. One of the recent Inkscape version updates shifted from a default of 90 DPI to 96 DPi and that messed things up royally. You want to stick with 96 DPI for your output, it’s what the GFUI expects, and if that’s what it’s defaulting to, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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No its not that you need catalina to run the 64-bit version (the beta) macs have been 64-bit for a long time, it’s just that with catalina it is ONLY 64-bit.

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