UPDATED 1/15: First 6 Weeks with the Glowforge


I’ve had my Glowforge, Laserwolf, for six weeks now. He survived the Thomas Fire in Ojai and has already eaten through about $200 in Proofgrade materials!

I love him.

Anyway, I’ve not had any luck posting photos on this forum, so instead I made a little blog over on my website which I plan to update weekly. It’s mostly projects with Proofgrade materials at the moment, but once I get a bit more brave, I’ll be sharing all the speed and power technical bits.


And thank you to everyone who posts on this forum It is an amazing resource for a laser newbie like me.



Edit: Finished my first Glowforge-originated mosaic piece http://www.julesweissman.com/laserwolf/2018/1/14/mosaic-project-part-two


Neat stuff! I love seeing the :glowforge: used to make things like your stamps.

The bubble wands remind me of drink swizzles; I’ve been trying to think of a swizzle design theme for when I get my 'forge, and I might just have to yoink this idea.

I look forward to seeing your continuing blog posts!


Love your website artwork! :sunglasses:
All you have to do is drag and drop the images you would like to post in your message.


Yeah, those are some great projects! :grinning:


So great. I particularly liked your discussion of stamp designs — it’s interesting to see what existing artwork transfers to laser and what tweaks are required, isn’t it?

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Thanks! I’ll try again next time.

Very! I love experimenting with things so I think this laser will keep me occupied for the rest of my life.

Thanks @Jules… Hey. I’m getting the hang of this I think.!


(maybe not)

Just drag it over to the open post and release. :wink:

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I like your New Year’s glasses. And I concur.


Until you have made some number of posts I believe the forum software prevents you from loading more than one picture in a post.

Your art is great. I’m sure you consider your bubble wands not much more than a doodle, but I love them and the mouths are cool too.


Some great first projects!

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Amazing work. You may have just made bubble wands the next big thing!

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Thanks, @dan! And thanks to you and your team for this awesome machine. It was worth the wait!

Love the triptych! The framed stamp is so cool in context Good luck with the jury!

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Thanks! Fingers crossed!