Updated slate coasters, and some other slate antics

I upgraded my slate coasters to cleaner images.


I then became curious about slate and a few other things. I had a test scrap from before, and I was wondering about multiple passes, and the possibility of cutting through. I remembered a way to enter multiple passes in the interface. Enter a fiery abyss, if you dare.

It didn’t get enough passes, but it did snap with a very little leverage.


Summary: You can cut slate…with a LOT of passes…but not evenly.


Way back when you first posted these I got pretty excited. I have a bar and a movie projector in my basement. I wanted to do some iconic type coasters of my favorites. It took a lot of testing but I think I have nailed down a three tone/greyscale slate engrave building odd of Jules original power settings.


Huh! I wouldn’t have thought you could get three tones on slate - I was just going with dithered.

That looks really sharp! Great job on it! :grinning:


Thanks. I just had to dumb down the image, invert the colors to negatives, and separate the vectors. Then use a different power setting per vector. This was 5-dark, 20-medium, 40-light. Thanks for publishing your original settings.


Wow, excellent results!

Really impressive. I’ve played with slate a lot, and was aware that you could get more than 2 tones, but to have it so crisp and clear is outstanding. Thanks for sharing your settings.

This is AWESOME!!

It’s stunning , i am so excited to experiment on slate. would you mind sharing the settings or any important points to mention.

Take a look over in the Beyond the Manual section (the only place we can share non-Proofgrade settings) – there’s been a lot of discussion of slate there. :slight_smile:

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what settings. I did this and lost detail.

Looks like most of the detail lost is in file formatting and detail…

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Try this: